It’s kind of crazy to think what a trend skincare has become! Call me crazy, but shouldn’t we already be obsessed with the body’s largest organ? Anyway, I wanted to share some of our ride or die, head to toe, skincare products. I surveyed the MASONgrey team to find out who loves what and why! Here’s the breakdown:


  • Summer Friday’s Jet Lag mask and CC Me Serum are seriously a hydration heaven. I personally like to sleep in the Jetlag mask and wake up feeling like a glowing ray of sunshine (is that dramatic?) Another tip I learned from watching Marianna Hewitt’s daily skincare routine is to pat a little bit of the Jetlag Mask under your eyes as an eye cream. Coming from someone who wakes up needing a serious boost, this tip is seriously a gamechanger! If you like bright skin, step two of your routine has to be the CC Me Serum. Say goodbye to hyperpigmentation and say hello to GLOW.

  • Skin Ceuticals C E Ferulic is worth the splurge. Basically, it’s a bodyguard to protect you from the environment and also helps with wrinkles and fine lines. What else can you really ask for?

  • Life is better with a tan, IMO. LUX Unfiltered gives you that perfect glow without the orange tint. No one will even guess you didn’t just return from a 2 week Hawaiian vacation.

  • Natural Deodorant isn’t easy, and no one really likes to talk about their armpits or sweating or body odor. I’ll break the ice. I tried every natural deodorant in the book and kept switching back to the harmful, antiperspirant products to keep my sweat to a minimum. Then, I found the Kopari Coconut Deo, which is non-toxic and, actually works!

  • Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath soak makes you feel like you just came from a spa treatment on vacation. It is relaxing, luxe and smells incredible. If you are a bath girl, this is for you.

  • The holy grail of sunscreen: Elta MD Broad- Spectrum SPF. I have been using this for about 7 years now and there is no going back. It absorbs so nicely into the skin without leaving any residue or sunscreen like smell. This is a must. Period.

So, there you have it, our MUST HAVES. Of course, you do whatever works for you, but these happen to be our personal favorites here at MASONgrey. Let us know what you like so we can give it a try!