FORBES | The great return of the silent spring on sustainable fashion

"The subject of social impact carries one back to the very threshold of the catalyst for change. Through blockchain technology, ecological integrity means obtaining accurate information while improving the resource efficiency of existing operations. At this point in time, sustainability is fostering great change within the world of fashion and related industries. Blockchain technology embracing a sustainable manufacturing system, carries one forward in organizing relevant material to a Call To Arms for planet earth. Putting it all into perspective, I’d say, perhaps the twenty-first century will be remembered as a time of solidarity and social justice for all living things.

The origins of the movement in sustainability began at a time referred to as the silent spring; a noteworthy publication written by Rachel Carson in 1962, which raised serious concern about the damaging agricultural chemicals poisoning our land and our food supply chain. As far as fashion is concerned, I do in fact recall that in the 1990’s the eco-friendly push (by outdoor and lifestyle brand Patagonia) had sounded-off the alarm by co-funding the first ever organic cotton conference. The aim was to help lessen the carbon footprint of fashion products through material processing advancements seeking to improve efficiencies of environmentally harsh manufacturing operations. It was a time for manufacturers and fashion houses to fundamentally reimagine the entire operation system at what I like to refer as the birth of the eco-fashion period.

These days, there is a growing concern amongst consumers of what companies will do to reduce the amount of waste from both production as well as consumption. New methods are actively taking on the challenge. For example, there is upcycling, where you take a discarded material and bring it back to life, recycled plastics that have been recovered from our oceans, eco-friendly dyes sourced right here in the USA and even backpacks by a forthright brand aptly named GOT BAG that proudly uses a BIO-PU coating, which makes sure that all your belongings stay dry.

Nevertheless, I do recognize that for something to be sustainable, it needs to be achievable and maintainable and most of all, fashionable. I reviewed here a list of some of the most progressive sustainable brands who raise the flag of social justice high-and-proud —while delivering a whole-lotta style to take you right into the spring/summer 2021 season - all in good consciousness for a cleaner and healthier environment! 

The Classic Short Robe is the first short robe we ever made! Over the years, the Classic Short has evolved from different material sleeves, lengths, ties and so much more to what it is now. The Sandy Palms Classic Short however is and always be very near and dear to our heart."