VOUGE | This Is The One Product Hailey Bieber Uses To Treats Her Spots

If you were after any proof that spots aren't anything to be ashamed of, Hailey Bieber posted a selfie on her Instagram Stories over the weekend wearing two pimple patches on her cheek. Yes, just like the rest of us, the model and skincare aficionado gets spots – and when she does, she turns to millennial skincare brand Starface for help.

If you haven’t already experienced an acne patch for yourself, think of it as an adhesive sticker that sits over a blemish and works to absorb toxins, take down inflammation and heal the area. Starface's Hydro Stars – Bieber’s go-to – are made with hydrocolloid, an ingredient used in surgical dressing that helps absorb bacteria and fluid. The Hydro-Stars also make light of a spot situation – you really can’t be unhappy with a blemish if it’s covered with a big, yellow star.

As well as helping spot treat (no pun intended) a specific area on the face, acne patches prevent the picking or squeezing of spots, a (common) habit that can lead to scarring and pigmentation in the area. Whack a star on it and you’ll be hard pushed to touch and infect the spot further.

As well as Starface’s acne patch offering, look to brand’s like Squish, whose Flow Power Acne Patches are equally as fun, or Zitsticka's Killa Patches, which catch spots in their early phases. Soon to launch are Zitsticka's Hyperfade microdart patches that help to fade the appearance of dark spots that occur in a blemish’s wake. If they’re good enough for Hailey…"